Whistle Blowing System

ACPI is committed to improving the quality of the implementation of Good Corporate Governance or also called Good Corporate Governance (GCG). Therefore, the Whistle Blowing System was formed in order to prevent and detect early violations that may occur in the corporate environment. The Whistle Blowing System also aims to fulfill the Company in realizing corporate values, namely: A: Aspiration C: Commitment P: Professionalism I: Integrity

What are the Violations that must be reported?

  • Misuse of Company information.
  • Withhold, misuse, embezzle or escape customer / premium / commission funds.
  • Abuse of Authority and Position.
  • Signature forgery.
  • Faking or changing company documents.
  • Misuse of company assets.
  • Giving inappropriate, untrue, or misleading statements to prospective customers regarding insurance products offered / marketed.
  • Providing material facts that are not true.
  • Issuance of fictitious policies to increase premium / target achievement.
  • Collaborate with the workshop to increase the value of the claim.
  • Engineered / manipulated performance reports.
  • Hiding and / or not conveying material facts.
  • Conflict of Interest.
  • Corruption includes taking, giving bribes, embezzlement and collusion.
  • Other ethical violations that harm the company.
  • Other actions that violate generally accepted norms and ethics.

Guarantee of Confidentiality and Protection of Reporters

Submission of a Reporter Identity of a Violation is optional and not mandatory, solely for the purpose of communication of the report in depth (if necessary). ACPI guarantees that it will provide protection to the Reporting Party from all forms of threats, intimidation, punishment or unpleasant actions from any party. Complaints that can be processed by the Whistle Blowing system are Complaints that have the following elements:

  • Have elements of violations committed by persons both known and unknown known to work for ACPI
  • Having sufficient supporting data as our basis for following up on the reports provided.
  • Reporters are willing if they have to be contacted by the WBS team to get the information needed in the reporting investigation.
Reporting Methods