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Engineering Insurance

In the era of development and economic development as it is now, in almost all corners of Indonesia is being promoted a sustainable development program, one of which is the construction of infrastructure in the form of civil engineering work and the installation of machinery such as the construction of bridges, roads, factories, high rise buildings, installation machinery in factories, generators and electrical panels in high rise buildings, and others. During the construction and installation period there are many risks that can occur such as fire, lightning strikes, explosions, riots, strikes, floods, storms, earthquakes, landslides, buildings collapse, theft, negligence of workers. PT. Asuransi Cakrawala Proteksi provides financial guarantees to you so that construction and installation work is not interrupted despite the risk of damage / loss as above.

What are the risks that are guaranteed?

  • Fire, lightning, explosion events, airplane crashes and smoke
  • Riots, strikes, evil deeds and riots
  • Hurricanes, Storms, Floods and Water Damage
  • Earthquakes and landslides
  • Worker errors or omissions
  • Robbery and theft with violence
  • Legal liability to third parties

What are the risks that are not guaranteed?

  • Wear, corrosion, rust or gradual damage
  • Consequential losses such as: Penalty / penalty, termination of contract, late completion of the project
  • Costs incurred due to damage due to the implementation of work that deviates from the contract
  • Loss or damage to accounting cash, bills, currency values, notary deeds, securities
  • Intentional or intentional negligence by the Insured
  • War, rebellion and the like
  • Nuclear and radioactive reactions
  • Termination of work in whole or in part

What things are taken into account in determining the rate / premium rate?

  • Type of work
  • Project location
  • Project environmental conditions
  • The period of construction and maintenance
  • Lay Out
  • The condition of the machine to be installed