Asuransi Kendaraan Bermotor - Mobil dan Sepeda Motor

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Facing traffic jams on the road where many riders are tired and stressed are the triggers of the frequent risk of accidents, both collisions between vehicles, crashing on motorbikes, bicycles and even pedestrians. Besides that, there are other risks when driving, such as the removal of the rearview mirror, scratched by people, theft of vehicle accessories and successive collisions on highways. These are events that are often experienced. Even though they have been very careful, the possibility of disaster will definitely remain. For this reason, we are here as an answer to the problem, our guarantee of compensation as proof of the solution to overcome it. Motor vehicle insurance products of PT. Asuransi Cakrawala Proteksi provides protection for your vehicle, such as cars, motorbikes, trucks and buses as well as accessories or additional equipment for these vehicles.

What are the risks that are guaranteed?

  • Crash
  • Reversed
  • Slipping
  • Fire
  • Other people's bad intentions
  • Crane Fee
  • Theft
  • Legal liability to third parties
  • Riots, strikes, riots
  • Personal accident for driver and passenger

What are the risks that are not guaranteed?

  • Wear, rust
  • Deliberate
  • Entering the forbidden road
  • The driver does not have a Driving License (SIM)
  • Used in a race
  • Nuclear radiation and radioactive substances
  • War, rebellion and the like

Conditions of Guarantee:

  • Comprehensive :

Guarantee loss or damage due to guaranteed risks

  • Total Loss Only (TLO):

Guarantee loss or damage with a loss value of at least 75% of the price of the vehicle

What things are taken into account in determining the rate / premium rate?

  • Vehicle use
  • Vehicle age
  • Insured guarantee conditions
  • The value of coverage