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Legal Liability Insurance from Third Parties in Premises (Public Liability)

With the increasing legal awareness of the Indonesian people and the high risk of lawsuits caused by an event or incident on the insured premises that harms third parties including legal costs incurred in dealing with these lawsuits, financial security is needed to overcome them. Insurance products Legal liability on the premises of the insured (Public Liability) of PT. Asuransi Cakrawala Proteksi provides financial compensation related to legal claims of third parties

What is meant by a third party?

Third parties are parties that are not included in the category of the first party (the insured) or the second party (the guarantor / insurance)

What are the risks that are guaranteed?

  • Lawsuits from third parties
  • Legal costs for third party claims

What are the risks that are not guaranteed?

  • Property in custody
  • Airplane and ship
  • Motor vehicle
  • Pollution
  • Terrorism
  • Fines & sanctions
  • Asbestos

What things are taken into account in determining the rate / premium rate?

  • Use of buildings
  • Building location
  • Compensation limit
  • Circumstances around the building