Marine Cargo Claim Procedure

  • Immediately make an official claim to the third party responsible for the occurrence of the cargo loss
  • Give permission to the ACPI / ACPI representative to carry out the survey at the Cargo location
  • Maintain the integrity of the claimed cargo conditions
  • Maintain the integrity of the claimed cargo conditions

Claim Supporting Documents

  • Claim letter / official claim to Insurance
  • Fill in the claim form that has been provided
  • Chronological News Event of loss
  • Correspondence with third parties responsible for cargo damage (expedition, warehouse, shipping party) etc.
  • Original Insurance Policy
  • Invoice, Invoice, Packing List
  • Bill of Lading or Concession
  • Cargo Damage Report (Cargo Damaged) from Shipping
  • Non-Delivery Report (Cargo missing) from Shipping
  • Warehouse Report
  • Details and list of damaged / missing items
  • If other documents are deemed necessary, the ACPI will ask immediately

Note: The speed of the claim process is determined by the speed at which the customer submits the claim documents above.