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Marine Cargo Insurance

In a trade transaction, we can not be separated from the process of transportation or movement of goods traded. There are times when during the shipment there are dangers that cause these items to be damaged, destroyed, submerged in seawater or river water, never arriving because the conveyance sinks or falls into a cliff. Transport insurance products Horizon Protection Insurance protects both goods such as merchandise, machinery, raw materials during shipment by land, sea and air, freight costs and expected profits (imaginary profit).

What are the risks that are guaranteed?

  • Danger of overland transportation caused by collision, slip or derailment, fire, blasting
  • Hazards - hazards caused by sea hazards such as large waves, hurricanes, waves swept away, entry of seawater into the hold
  • Dangers - hazards that may arise or occur over the sea such as ship collisions, fire on the ship, general losses borne together (General Average)
  • Dangers - hazards that may arise from theft, disassembly, undeliverable goods, breakage, disposal of goods into the sea
  • Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and lightning

Additional Collateral:

  • Guaranteed delivery from warehouse to warehouse
  • Loading and unloading guarantee

What are the risks that are not guaranteed?

  • Deliberate
  • Contamination
  • Normal conditions such as leakage, wear, tear, weight loss / contents
  • The packing is not according to the standard
  • Transport equipment is not feasible to operate
  • War, civil war, rebellion and the like
  • The use of war weapons, atomic / nuclear weapons or radioactive reactions

What things are taken into account in determining the rate / premium rate?

  • Type of conveyance
  • Types of goods
  • Age and Gross Tonage of the ship
  • Transport route