Corporate Health Insurance

Health is very important in human life because with a healthy body we can do activities properly. By living healthy, everyone can play a productive role socially and economically to achieve the desired life goals. In life, we are always faced with a risk that can disrupt our health in the form of disease or accident. This risk can occur anywhere, anytime and to anyone. Health recovery costs are expensive and most of the people only realize it when they fall ill or have to be hospitalized. Nowadays it is important to be wise in financial planning, especially to prepare for health protection. Asuransi Cakrawala Proteksi provides a solution in the form of health insurance to manage financial risks that may arise due to accidents, illness or surgery that require health costs. We launch a group or group health insurance product called "ACP Health Insurance". ACP Health is a health insurance coverage for employees and family members.

ACP Health Benefit Guarantee:

  • Hospitalization and Surgery The ACP Health Hospital and Surgical Benefit Basic Program provides a series of benefits that can be tailored to the needs of the company including treatment rooms (including ICU, ICCU, Intermediate, Isolation), doctors, nurses, surgery, medicines, laboratory / supporting examinations, physiotherapy, ambulance , outpatient care before & after inpatient / surgery, outpatient due to accidents and funeral benefits, hospital daily allowance (Nursing Room)
  • Outpatient As an extension of the basic Hospital and Surgical Compensation program, ACP Health offers an Outpatient benefit program including: - General Practitioner Consultation Fee - Specialist Doctor Consultation Fee - Doctor and Medication Consultation Fee - Drug costs - Cost of Diagnostic Supports - Physiotherapy costs
  • Take Care of Teeth According to company needs, the benefits of Dental care include: - Basic Dental Care - Preventive Dental Care - Complex Dental Care - Denture Treatment
  • Labor According to company needs, the benefits of childbirth can be obtained including normal delivery, delivery by operation (caesarean section), miscarriage and care before / after delivery including complications of pregnancy & childbirth, which includes room fees, medicines, laboratory / supporting examinations, doctor consultation & delivery measures.
  • Eyeglasses According to company needs, the benefits of glasses include: - Glasses Frame - Eyeglass lenses - Eyepiece (Contac Lens)


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