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Heavy Equipment Insurance

With such a vast land available both plantation land, forest and mining needed heavy equipment, namely excavators, wheeloaders, dump trucks for land acquisition, land leveling and land use. Likewise in urban areas for the construction of tall buildings, excavators, cranes and others must be used. In carrying out the work there must be a risk of loss / damage to heavy equipment caused by negligence of workers, collisions, overturning, overturning, fires, riots, anarchist demonstrations. Horizon Protection Insurance provides protection against those risks for your heavy equipment.

What are the risks that are guaranteed?

  • Fire, collision, upside down, slip
  • Errors and omissions in operation
  • Fire, lightning and blasting

Additional Collateral:

  • Natural disasters (act of god)
  • Burglary and robbery
  • Unrest

What are the risks that are not guaranteed?

  • Electrical or mechanical damage
  • Wear, corrosion, rust or gradual damage
  • Underground operation
  • Nuclear reactions or radioactive substances
  • War, rebellion and the like
  • Business interruption

What things are taken into account in determining the rate / premium rate?

  • Heavy equipment type
  • Project type
  • Machine age
  • Project location