Fire Claim Procedure

  • Immediately report the incident of fire to the PT. Asuransi Cakrawala Proteksi (ACPI)
  • Keep making efforts to prevent the spread of losses
  • Strive to save goods as much as possible
  • Do not make repairs before there is approval from the Insurance
  • Give permission to the ACPI / ACPI representative to conduct a survey at the fire location
  • Maintain the condition of goods that are burning

Claim Supporting Documents

  • Fill in the claim form provided by ACPI
  • Chronology News Event Fire incident
  • Report to the local police / security / village chief
  • Offer details of the repair costs from the contractor accompanied by a drawing of the repaired building plan
  • Invoice / receipt for repurchasing burned items
  • If other documents are deemed necessary, the ACPI will ask immediately

Note: The speed of the claim process is determined by the speed at which the customer submits the claim documents above.